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Benfleet osteopaths treating with west wickham osteopathy will resolve back pain and neck pain and muscle pain with effective Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic pain relief exercises 01268795705 benfleet

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Discover how you can benefit from our care!

Below is a list of some of the problems and symptoms we see on a regular basis here at Clarks Healthcare. We explain the 4 phases of care and our unique co-management approach to fully resolving your problem: -

Common Problems Include:
Pain Relief
Arthritic Pains
Back Pain & Neck Pain
Spondylitis & Spondylosis
Migraine Headaches
Any Joint Pain
Muscle Pain
Disc Injuries(bulged,herniated,
prolapsed, slipped discs, degenerative)

Frozen Shoulder
Weak Backs
Pregnancy back pain
Trapped Nerves
RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
Acute & Chronic pain
Long Term pain
Aching Muscles & Joints
Stiffness & Swelling
Sacroiliac Pains
Muscle spasms & cramp
PSD (pubis symphasis dysfunction)
Recurring Problems
Independent Medical Assessments
Rheumatism & Rheumatica
Shoulder Problems
Rheumatism & Rheumatic Pain
Pins & Needles
Neuralgia & Numbness
Tissue Instability
Joint Weakness
Muscle Weakness
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Trigger Finger
Postural problems
Pelvic & Coccyx Pain
Poor Posture
Wrist & Arm Problems
Hip, Thigh, Knee & Foot Problems
TMJ pain (jaw pain)
Pre & Post Dental Pain
Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis
Pre & Post Surgery Pain
Post Surgery Rehabilitation
Pregnancy pains
Pre and Post Natal Care
Spinal degeneration
Piriformis Syndrome
Injuries at work
Postural Assessments
Growing pains
Childhood injuries
Period & Menstrual Pain
Pregnancy pains
Pregnancy Care
Asthma & Respiratory symptoms
IBS symptoms
Sports and Accidental Injury
Tennis & Golfers elbow
Ligament injuries
Joint injuries
Muscle injuries
Cartilage injuries
Ankle and Knee Injuries
Achilles Tendonitits
Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs
Rib Injuries
Tendon injuries
Rotator Cuff injuries
Overuse injuries
Shin Splints
Groin Strains
Hamstring Strains
Calf Injuries
Dance Injuries, Rugby Injuries,
Football injuries etc.
Sports preparation
Sports injury rehabilitation
Inflammatory Conditions
Swollen legs
Colds & Flu
Preventative Care
Corrective Exercise
Work Strains

and much more......

Our Unique Co-management Approach to resolving your problem
We offer all our patients the opportunity to work with TWO practitioners to achieve the best possible recovery and to help completely resolve their problem.
co management osteopathy and rehabilitation

1. Your Osteopath

Your Osteopath will take a full medical history and will diagnose your complaint. They will then work with you providing Osteopathic treatment to help resolve your pain and get you moving freely as quickly as possible.

2. Your Rehabilitation Specialist
Your Rehabilitation Specialist will perform additional testing when your pain has reduced. They will design a rehabilitation programme to address any weaknesses, muscle imbalances or factors which would put you at risk of re-injury or having your problem reoccur.

Patients are offered the opportunity to work with our rehabilitation team regularly in our onsite Rehabilitation Studio for the best possible recovery. For patients who wish to exercise by themselves at home with minimal equipment we can design a simpler home rehabilitation programme.

Call 01268795705 to discuss your individual problem or to book an appointment

CLICK PLAY on any video to watch Testimonials from our patients

Click here for more video & written Testimonials


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