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Treatment Fees & Private Insurance

Initial Full Consultation, Assessment, Report of Findings & Treatment = 1 hour
This full 1 hour consultation includes as appropriate: -

Ø A complete medical history
Ø Thorough questioning of the present complaint & general health
Ø Clinical examinations (e.g. neurological, orthopaedic, respiratory, cardiovascular etc)
Ø Physical assessment
Ø Blood Pressure screening
Ø Full explanation and breakdown of the problem by our consultants
Ø Treatment
Ø Prescription of appropriate exercises & advice
Ø An outline of your individual treatment plan & prognosis
Ø An estimate of how many treatments it will take
Ø Referral for further investigations if necessary
Initial Consultation & Treatment = 1 hour

Follow-up Consultations & Treatment = half hour

Special Reduced Prices
Special reduced rates are available for follow-up appointments for: -
Ø OAP's (65+ & fully retired) (from 10am up to and including the 3pm slot)
Ø 16's & under (from 10am up to and including the 4.30pm slot)
Please note: Normal fees are automatically charged for any appointments
after the allocated discounted time slots.

Medical certificates = £15

Independent Medical Assessments and Reports = Price dependent on content detail.
Reports can be provided for solicitors, patients and treatment networks.

Private Health Insurance = We are registered with all the major private health insurance companies. Please check with your insurance company prior to treatment so that you are aware of your entitlement and details of any excess etc. Please bring any relevant information with you to your first consultation.

Personal Injury Claims = If you are pursuing a personal injury claim you may be entitled to
FREE Osteopathic assessments and treatments. We are registered with all major solicitors and treatment network providers. Contact your solicitor/insurer or treatment provider and inform them you wish to have Osteopathy as your primary treatment. They will then be able to refer you directly to us.

What payment methods do we accept?
We accept all major credit cards and cash (cheques are NOT accepted).


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