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Benfleet osteopaths treating with west wickham osteopathy will resolve back pain and neck pain and muscle pain with effective Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic pain relief exercises

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Expectant Mothers Clinic

Expectant Mothers like you can benefit from our Osteopathic treatment at any stage of your pregnancy. We will help you improve symptoms as they may appear such as pregnancy back pains and neck pain, heart burn, swollen feet, muscle strains, aches, stiffness etc.

We also offer complete pregnancy care programmes whereby you will receive periodic osteopathic treatment throughout your entire pregnancy, and after delivery minimizing the negative effects of your changing posture as your baby grows and ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your entire pregnancy.

Rehabilitation and Treatment after pregnancy or Caesarian Section
We have a specialist rehabilitation department specifically designed for women who have weakness as a result of pregnancy and for those who have undergoing a caesarian.

Difficult labours and/or caesareans severely weaken the supporting muscle of your spine and abdomen leaving you very weak and vulnerable to injury. If you experience pain when holding your baby or leaning over the cot, this is a sign that your spine is weak and would likely benefit from suitable exercises and treatment.

Osteopathy is a proven safe, gentle and effective form of treatment during
pregnancy and for babies and children.

Contact us today on 01268795705 to discuss your individual problem or to book a full 1 hour consultation with treatment
, benfleet physio and benfleet chiropractor care,

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pregancy back pain benfleet west wickham





independent midwifes

We are proud Supporters of independent Midwifes UK
Kay Hardie of Kent Midwifery Practice was our independent midwife throughout the entire pregnancy/delivery/after care of our Baby Samuel. click here to visit their website


pregancy osteopath benfleet west wickham
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