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Benfleet osteopaths treating with west wickham osteopathy will resolve back pain and neck pain and muscle pain with effective Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic pain relief exercises

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The benefits of Organic
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Snippets from Recent Talks/Workshops:
1. What does Cholesterol do & why does Cholesterol rise?
2. Weight Loss - Eating Organic Saturated Fat aids in weight loss, low fat myth

3. The TRUTH about Saturated Fats Cholesterol and Heart Disease
4. Why 100% Organic Butter is Better than Margarine - Low Fat Myth

5. Explanation - Building Health vs Supressing Disease & Symptoms

6. The WRONG TYPE of exercise will make you Fat
7. Learn the Fat Facts
8. What causes diabetes? Why a Low fat breakfast with cereal and juice is a BAD idea 7.

Interviews by us:
1. Home Birth Interview - Lisa Clark (Clarks Healthcare) interviews Joanna Begley
2. Mercury Amalgam Fillings & Safe Alternatives - Michael Clark interviews Dr Marina Carew


Charity Events:
Lifelites Charity Bungee Jump by Michael Clark
Lisa Clark and Michael Clark Skydiving

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6 Week Beginners Health Programme:
By Lisa & Michael Clark

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